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The mission of Project Mosaics is to promote humanities education that elevates and centers Jewish histories, cultures, arts, and identities through the creation of digital multimedia content, illuminating the plurality of Jewish voices and experiences around the world.

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What stories do we teach? Whose voices are heard?

Education is changing. Students are demanding more inclusive history and educators need teaching tools that are accessible and compelling. There is room for Jewish joy and pluralism in this changing landscape.

Improving the teaching of Jewish history, culture, identity, and art is a necessary innovation in schools. As humanities education becomes increasingly multicultural and globally-oriented, there is a need for resources that showcase the vibrancy, vitality, dynamism, and diversity of Jewish people. 

Improved teaching happens when there is quality content that teachers can integrate into their classrooms with ease.

Project Mosaics creates original multimedia content that expands the stories told and voices heard in this changing educational landscape. This work in expanding Jewish representations in schools is part of the larger undertaking of diversifying humanities education for all students.



Project Mosaics believes that the study of Jewish peoplehood should be like looking into a kaleidoscope. It brings into focus multiple dimensions of Jewish peoplehood by telling stories of joy, creativity, and expressiveness from around the world.​

Project Mosaics is committed to quality education that includes:

  • Crossing cultural borders

  • Breaking silences and telling under-told stories

  • Cultivating compassion through knowledge

  • Demonstrating the interconnectedness and humanity of communities who are underrepresented and misrepresented in society

This vision of humanities education is built upon diversity, equity and inclusion. Project Mosaics recognizes the centrality of Jewish studies in multicultural, global, and culturally-affirming forms of education.

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